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Heating, cooling & ventilation company in Howell, MI

TMX Mechanical is a fully licensed and insured mechanical company located
in Livingston County Michigan.

At TMX Mechanical we treat people well. We listen, we educate,
and we respond with excellence.

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Residential HVAC services

Your home is your sanctuary.

At TMX Contracting we want to create a healthy and comfortable living space for you and your family. We do this by eliminating hot and cold spots in your home, giving you power to regulate the temperature of individual floors and rooms, and installing features that will remove dust, skin particles, pet dander, odors, and even viruses from your home.

Commercial HVAC services

Comfort for employees and customers, and energy savings for facility owners.

TMX Contracting can assist you in bringing comfort to your employees and customers while optimizing energy usage. Regulating and providing optimal temperatures for your office spaces will keep your employees comfortable which will help them stay focused on production.

Giving your customers a place where they want to visit and stay is part of our goal as a heating and cooling company.

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Frigid winter nights are held at bay by energy efficient heating systems operating at optimal capability. Push back the cold without breaking the bank.

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Long, hot summer days can be enjoyed from the cool comfort of your home. With a high efficiency air conditioning system, you can stay cool for less cash.

Two newly installed air conditioning units side by side outside a house.

Healthy air

We provide high efficiency filtration systems, virus combating air purification systems as well as integrated fresh and exhaust air systems.

Open ceiling ventilation ducts.

Some of the many benefits of a proactive service plan from TMX Contracting include:

  • Peak efficiency for cost and energy savings
  • Extended system life
  • Prevention of the majority of repairs and superior reliability
  • Safety checks to eliminate hazardous conditions
  • Healthier air quality
  • Discount on repair service
  • Emergency service
  • Never pay overtime for emergency repairs
  • Priority service 
  • Peace of mind

From efficiently optimized systems to the latest in energy saving technology.

  • Installation of the latest technology in energy efficient heating and cooling systems.
  • Optimization of current systems for energy efficiency and lower energy bills.
  • Installation and programming of smart thermostats.

We understand the relationship between heating, cooling, humidity control, air exchange, air filtration, and air purification. We use this understanding to provide you with the best options to create a healthy and comfortable living space.

  • Eliminate hot and cold spots in your home or office.
  • Regulate the temperature of individual floors or rooms separately to meet each occupant’s preference.
  • Clean and purify your household air to remove dust, skin particles, pet dander, odors, and even viruses.

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What our customers say

At TMX Mechanical we treat people well. We listen, we educate, and we respond with excellence.

Wendell E.

A/C Maintenance

The two techs, Tye and Chris were very professional, friendly and most of all trustworthy. They immediately identified my AC problem and fixed it.

Laurie C.

A/C Maintenance

Same day service . Professional. Reasonably priced and efficient. My ac is working perfectly again.

K. Wellman

A/C Maintenance

Tye was exceptional. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. He did a thorough job maintaining our A/C plus checked our furnace. We would highly recommend him again.

Juliann M.

A/C Maintenance

Tye is a hard worker and answered all my questions thoroughly. Highly recommend.

Cody R.

A/C Maintenance

Positives: professionalism, punctuality, quality, responsiveness, value.

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